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87.6 FM Melbourne Middle East Radio is Melbourne’s leading 7 days /24 hours broadcasting live radio station. Since its inception in February 1995 as the first FM Arabic radio station in Melbourne, MER (Middle East Radio 87.6 FM) has been the pinnacle Arabic radio station fulfilling the desires of the local communities’ needs with the latest and greatest in Arabic music, news and current affairs. As a result, MER has established it name also as the best in the business in promoting international/local events and the most effective in promoting local businesses.

87.6 FM Melbourne Middle East Radio objective is to maintain its status as Melbourne’s number one Arabic radio station. Its strategies are to convey the best in entertainment, subsequently satisfying the community’s needs and to be the leading innovative radio station. Using the latest in technologies is one of many strategies to enhance and satisfy its target audience listeners.

One of the most recent initiatives is the MER (Middle East Radio 87.6 FM) website which gives their listeners the opportunity to listen to their favourite programs live over the Internet. MER has a broad target audience listener ship ranging from children to adults and mature audiences; this is due to its wide diversification in music which is one of MER greatest strengths. MER offers a mix of the most traditional and modern Arabic music as well as, the most popular music as seen on the Australian charts.

Middle East Radio has been operating under the guidance of Mr. Sobh since February 1995. Mr. Sobh has been renowned and is well respected within the community for working closely with local issues and events affecting the local Arabic community.


• Middle East Radio offers 24 hours/365 days of live Arabic Broadcasting for the community. With 20 years’ experience we give our audiences the latest in Local and World News, Sports Weather plus Up to date Traffic Reports and the added bonus of what’s On in Melbourne.

• Middle East Radio brings the community together with the Educational Programs, such as the Historical Program where you can explore European and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cultures. Light Entertainment, with our Breakfast show, Comedy and Talk Back Programs as well as community announcements.

• We specialize in entertainment for the whole family, with school programs, support groups, including Lifestyle programs and kids’ competitions. With positive feedback from our community switchboard, we are able to touch base with the Arabic community across Melbourne daily.

• Middle East Radio is proud to have a wide list of valuable clients and maintain to offer an outstanding service, our clients list includes:
 Coronavirus (Covid-19)
 Department of Justice / Consumer Affairs Victoria
 Department of Communications
 Department of Health
 Human services
 VIC Road
 Crime Stopper
 Australian Political Parties
 Protection Services
 Youth Options
 Metro Train
 Gambling Help
 Local Business
 Community Organisation
 Community Events
 TattsLotto

For further information, please contact our friendly team on the numbers below, we would love to hear from you.

Switchboard Studio: (61 3) 9471 0666
Office: (61 3) 9471 4111
Fax: (61 3) 9471 4166
Website: www.meradio.com.au Email: info@meradio.com.au